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Illuminovel is a Chicago based start up company. Thank you for choosing us to help you on your first steps towards publication.

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Finding readers in your everyday life is hard. Finding readers who have the time or expertise to provide the kind of feedback that will help your manuscript thrive is even harder. Our readers are just as invested in the success of your work as you are. Learn more about the kind of readers we have and what their perspective can do for you.



General readers are people just like you.

General readers are aged 15 and up. They come from all socioeconomic backgrounds and all have unique tastes and interests.
We closely monitor the gender and cultural diversity of our readers so you can be certain that you’re getting a broad and unbiased assessment of your work. In order to be a general reader, you must be associated with an organization. Our readers belong to the public library, established reading groups, after school programs,  high schools or colleges and many more!
Their opinion on your work is reflective of your potential future audience and can be used to help you decide all sorts of things. Like how to pitch your book to agents, what kind of marketing may work best for self publishing, and whether or not your manuscript is ready for publication.



Professional readers, professional opinions

Professional readers must be employed in a field that directly impacts their ability to judge the quality of a manuscript. Like general readers, they come from a broad background with unique tastes and interests.
While this category is impacted by the usual diversity issues within publishing and academia, professional readers generate very high quality feedback due to their familiarity with the industry. Not everyone has access to an English Professor or professional freelance editor in their everyday life. Let our professional readers give your manuscript a glance and get quality data for a fraction of the cost.
Our professional reader’s insight regarding manuscript readiness and appropriate use of language, and tone within a submission will boost your ability to clean up your work to make sure you don’t ruin a good first impression.



Tips straight from the source.

Industry readers must have either worked directly in the publishing industry, or are currently working in the industry.  This includes current and retired literary agents,  agent assistants, managing editors and copy editors.
The people who best know a good query letter when they seen one, are the people who regularly receive them of course!
Use their feedback to create a query letter that really lets your manuscript shine. You can have the best manuscript on earth, but if you can’t get past this first step, no one will ever know.
As an added benefit, if one of the agents who works with us finds your query irresistable, they just might make a request to see the rest! The same rule that protects your First Rights of Publication while using Illuminovel, allows our agents to contact you directly regarding your work


Our data is designed to give a well rounded view of the value of a manuscript.
We have broken down that value by aspect and have developed our review system accordingly.


Making sure you have chosen the correct genre for your manuscript is vital to being able to market it to readers and agents. Occasionally a Contemporary Thriller will be placed in the Sci-fi category by its author unintentionally. Make sure you know just what you’re selling.


The tone of a manuscript can make or break it, regardless of the subject. If the tone you’re writing in doesn’t appeal to readers, its best to know before you begin querying.


Would your book be more of a success as an e-book? Would your readers be more likely to buy your book as a gift for a friend than for themselves? Get the answer to these questions and much more.


Sometimes you may think your book is free of mistakes and ready for publication, but in reality it needs a bit more work. A reader will pick out typos quicker than you ever will.


An agent will be able to tell in the first 5 pages whether your manuscript is ready or not. Don’t waste their time or your opportunity. Learn now whether you’re ready.


In a world where everyone is done with vampire novels, yours just might blow that stereotype out of the water.  Find out just how interested your readers are in your book compared to those written about similar topics.