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Illuminovel is a Chicago based start up company. Thank you for choosing us to help you on your first steps towards publication.

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Submission Guidelines


You must submit:


1.Your one page query letter and a one page synopsis of your book in a single document. As well as  less than 10, but no more than 30 pages of your manuscript. Your manuscript must be a separate document from your query letter and synopsis document.

2.Your query letter must have your full name and pen name, and contact information on the first page. . The manuscript must have your full name and pen name, and contact information on the first page. Your contact information will not be shared with our readers.

3.File type: PDF only.  For help transferring your document to a PDF you may use this free service: ToPDF*

4, You must indicate that you would NOT like to be added to our Manuscript Giftlist database if you would like to opt out. Manuscript Giftlist is a database of query letters arranged, by genre, that is only accessible to working literary agents who are looking for new clients. If you do not opt out, your query letter will be indexed and an agent may contact you requesting to view your full manuscript.

What Happens Next?

Your manuscript will be filed by category, topic and age range and then submitted to our readers for review. Your query letter will also be filed and then submitted to our readers for review. All query letter readers are retired agents, editors or other members of the publishing industry.

Your manuscript has 2 weeks to gather data from readers.**

The data for your manuscript will be compiled into a 1 page chart of graphs that showcases your book’s overall quality, readiness for publication, marketability, and pertinent target audience information. The data for your query letter will be compiled into a 1 page chart of graphs that showcases your query’s overall quality, readiness for submission, marketability, and pertinent information regarding the appeal of your letter to actual agents.

You should receive your data sheet and Illuminovel stamp of review in 2-3 weeks. You may use this data sheet to improve the quality of your work, or attach it to your query letter to really help catch your dream agent’s eye.



Your full manuscript will not be read, reviewed, claimed or manipulated by Illuminovel.com and its affiliates. Your manuscript will only be shared with contracted readers affiliated with illuminovel.com. All readers have signed a Non- Disclosure Agreement for each manuscript submission they read–barring them from discussing, using, or sharing your manuscript content and general plot. Your partial manuscript will not be used for unauthorized purposes, shared, sold, or offered representation by Illuminovel.com as such violates our terms and conditions, as well as our personal ethics. We cannot and will not view or provide information about your full manuscript as to protect your first rights of publication. Please do not submit full manuscripts, both for your protection and ours. All manuscripts submitted will be  permanently deleted from our offline database after 30 days.  We will retain your date of submission, full name, title of your work and a copy of your NDA for reference in the occasion that you need to prove ownership of your ideas in a court of law.

*Illuminovel is not in anyway affiliated with ToPDF and use of their services is unrelated to Illuminovel.com and its affiliates. 

**Post beta period, this time will be extended to 30 days. 


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