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Illuminovel is a Chicago based start up company. Thank you for choosing us to help you on your first steps towards publication.

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Manuscript Giftlist Entry


Submission Guidelines


You Must Submit:

1.Your Query Letter, a 1 page synopsis and the first 2 pages of your manuscript in 1 document.

2.The manuscript must have your full name and pen name, and contact information on the first page.

3.File type: PDF only.  For help transferring your document to a PDF you may use this free service: ToPDF*

4. Your document must be 12pt font, Times New Roman, with default (1inch) margins for uniformity.

5. You may only submit ONCE for each manuscript. However, authors can submit multiple manuscripts.

What Happens Next?

Your submission will be placed in our archive and organized by genre, target age range, subject matter, setting (contemporary/fantasy/etc).

Literary agents, editors and small publishing companies who are searching for specific or rare manuscripts are able to view  all manuscripts within the database. This was designed to make it easier for them to find work that suits their interests.

Your contact information must be listed on the first page, because if an agent, editor or publisher is interested in your manuscript they need to be able to contact you directly.

Your submission package will never expire from the database. However, if you would like it removed (in the case you receive an offer of representation or otherwise) you may contact us for the removal. If you need to edit your submission for the same book, please request a removal and re-purchase an entry.


This archive was built to help agents who are searching for very unique manuscripts (contemporary, magical realism, racially diverse, unique settings, etc), some of whom have been searching for a very specific story for years.
This database is intended to be non-for profit. The $5 is a one time processing/holding fee and a small deterrent against mass purchase of entries.

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Manuscript Giftlist goes live January 1st 2018. Illuminovel’s beta period from June 1st to December 31st will be a gathering period of entries for Manuscript Giftlist. Access to the database will only be granted to industry professionals and organizations. If you are an agent, please visit our agents page for more information.